Oregon Elite Lacrosse, an independent, non-profit organization was the first girls club established in Oregon, and has showcased Oregon’s top High School lacrosse athletes at the National and Regional level since 2003.

The team is comprised of the state's top talent, and plays in major recruiting tournaments.  We are a travel program designed to provide high level instruction and competition to a select group of players.  Our mission is to raise the level of play in Oregon by exposing more of our athletes to the highest levels of competition.  As a result, there will be greater opportunities for all Oregon lacrosse players.  Not only do Elite players bring what they learn back to their high school programs, but in showcasing their play, collegiate coaches are increasingly aware that Oregon is producing recruitable athletes for all levels of play.

Our team represents talent from across Oregon.  We encourage all Varsity players who are interested to try out for the team!  Please visit oregonelitelacrosse.com to learn more about us!

*The OGLA does not endorse any particular travel team or program.  Information is provided as resource only.