Syracuse vs. Oregon: A thought?
by Ben Finklea posted 1/10/2018

Coaches & Managers:  Really pleased to be able to report tonight that ticket sales for the February 18th game between Syracuse and Oregon game is just shy of 1,100 (and growing daily).  Thanks to all you have done with your teams and youth organizations to get out the girls.  We have about 500 tickets left, and with 37 days to go want to make one final push!

To help build on this momentum, I am writing because I wanted to ask a favor.  Do you know of any local non-profits that serve young girls and women who you think might like to attend the game? 

If this type of organization is in your universe, I would like to encourage you to reach out to these groups and see if there is any interest getting some of the girls they serve to the game.  If you find interest, the OGLA is willing to sell you or the non-profit the tickets at the $5 price (not the $7 via the Eventbrite website).  If unable to pay for these yourself (or the non-profit), please let us know as I have identified members of the OGLA community who would be happy to help with the cost or a portion of the cost of the tickets.  If there is a youth or high school kid in Oregon or Washington who wants to attend, we want to make sure that young lady has a ticket in hand on game day, regardless.

If we can help in anyway to get more young girls exposed to not just the game, but a crowd full of peers in a positive environment, we want to help make that happen!  Let us know if we can assist!




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