Syracuse vs Oregon Team Ticket Pre-Sale
by OGLA posted 11/1/2017

Coaches:  Was great seeing all of you on Sunday, we appreciate you coming out!  

As discussed on Sunday, the Syracuse vs. Oregon ticket pre-sale is on now.  Here is a quick reminder on all of the details and where to go for purchase.

The store link is:  http://assn.la/Store/Store.asp?id=11134&org=WAWW.OREGONGIRLSLAX.COM

NCAA Womens Lacrosse:  Syracuse vs. Oregon:  Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 1 PM at West Linn High School

  • Limited to one order per program (Varsity/JV/Youth).
  • You may purchase as many 10-Packs as you would like, but please do it all inside one order.
  • You are HIGHLY encouraged to work with your youth team on getting them into your order.
  • FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE (order).  
  • Pre-Sale ENDS on Monday, November 27th.   Payment due no later than November 30th.
  • Payment must be made by check.
  • Orders made, but not paid for by November 30th will be cancelled and tickets put back in the pool.
  • All remaining tickets go on sale to the general public on December 1st
  • Tickets will be mailed to you BEFORE February 1st, you are responsible for ticket distribution.

Player and coaches clinic signups will begin on December 1st.  A new link with instructions on how to sign up will be sent out then.