Tickets & Clinics OPEN: Syracuse vs. Oregon
  Coaches/Managers:  Pleased to report that...
Public Tickets & Clinics to Open Friday
  Coaches/Managers:  Very pleased to report...
Tickets & Clinics OPEN: Syracuse vs. Oregon
by OGLA posted 11/30/2017

Coaches/Managers:  Pleased to report that tickets for the Syracuse vs. ORegon game are now open to the general public!  Along with these tickets for the game are the slots for both players and coaches clinics!  Here is the link:


*Just a reminder, if you bought tickets as part of the team pre-sale, you do not have to rebuy tickets here, your tickets are already reserved!  If you are interested in attending the coaches clinic or have a player who is interested in attending either the youth or HS clinic, you/they will need to follow this link and register.

Let us know if any questions!!!

Public Tickets & Clinics to Open Friday
by OGLA posted 11/29/2017

Coaches/Managers:  Very pleased to report that we sold 760 tickets through our team "pre-sale" for the Syracuse vs. Oregon game!  THANK YOU for putting the effort into getting your orders in early and for showing such a high level of support for an event like this in Oregon.  I have passed along these numbers to Gary and Katrina and they were super stoked to hear the news!  Please make sure you have gotten your payment into Ali by TOMORROW (November 30th), otherwise we will have to put your tickets back into the public pool and the seats go from $5 to $7 per ticket.

Beginning Friday, December 1st, we will launch our outward facing sale of all remaining tickets to the general public along with the sale of slots for the Gary Gait/Syracuse Player and Coaches Clinics the day before the game.  Please note that there are only 60 slots available for the youth and 60 slots for the HS clinics and it is truly a first come, first serve.  We will not have any wiggle room to add people once it is all filled up.  Early in the morning on Friday, a link will be sent out to all of you and with the info to pass on to interested players and then a few hours later, the link will "go public" and be posted on our website as well as all social media outlets.

Please let us know if any other questions!