All-League Selection Guidance & Reminder
  Coaches:  A reminder that your league representative...
2018 OGLA Semifinals and Finals Tickets
  Coaches:  As we enter the final week of...
All-League Selection Guidance & Reminder
by OGLA posted 5/8/2018

Coaches:  A reminder that your league representative needs to have your 2018 All-League teams turned in THIS Sunday, May 13th.

We have fielded a number of questions this week regarding how leagues select their teams.  While ultimatley it is up to each league to determine your team, some inportant criteria the OGLA hopes you take into consideration are the following.

  1. Think of your All-League team as your league's "all-star" team and that they will be sent to an OGLA All-League tournament.  Are these your very BEST 12 players by position?
  2. Has a nominated player competed in the majority of your league games (injury)?
  3. Moving positions....players should be evaluated and selected based on the position they are nominated for.  i.e., Moving a player from the midfield to defense just because the midfield is full should not be done.  You are looking for your best 12 players by position.
  4. Sentimentality votes are discouraged, these are what Honorable Mentions are for.  Again, we are looking for your 12 best players by position.

When All-State ballots come out, one of the components you will be asked to consider in ranking each player is what their team's "Strength of Schedule" or RPI was in 2018.  This directly relates to our "non-league contest requirement" in an effort to help develop the game and get to parity.  Players who are memebrs of teams who have played a difficult schedule should and have posted strong stats in those contests should be given additional consideration for competing against the best.  Which brings us back to the theme of "Best Player by Position" in representing our state.  Send your very best and give those players the opportunity they have earned to be evaluated against their peers!

As always, please let us know if any questions or comments before you begin your All-League selections!


2018 OGLA Semifinals and Finals Tickets
by OGLA posted 5/6/2018

Coaches:  As we enter the final week of the season and playoffs begin to take shape, wanted to pass along ticket information for the 2018 OGLA Semifinals and Finals.  We will have three avenues for ticket purchase in 2018 and we are holding prices at the same level we had in 2017, just $10 for adults and $5 for students.  We will send out reminders as we get closer to the semifinals, but in case people want to order now, we wanted you to know in advance what this year will look like.

TEAM TICKET PRE-SALE:  If you are interested in purchasing a block of tickets for your players, parents, student body, etc, you may do so through the OGLA website beginning today.  Tickets will be sold in packs of 10.  Adults are $10 and students $5.  The pre-sale will end the day after Quarterfinals, so you will need to be prepared if your team is in the running.  A link to the store on the OGLA website can be found here:  http://assn.la/Store/Store.asp?id=9687&org=OREGONGIRLSLAX.COM

EVENTBRITE:  If anyone would like to purchase their game day tickets early and avoid the long lines, then we would encourage you to purchase your tickets electronically via Eventbrite (same folks we used for Syracuse vs. Oregon).  The link to purchase tickets can be found here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2018-ogla-semifinals-finals-tickets-45780693286

DAY OF:  We will of course have tickets for sale at the gate the day of the games, but traditionaly these lines are long, so we encourage folks to purchase via Eventbrite and skip the lines.

Please let us know if any questions!




Adobe PDF file 2018 UO 7v7 Flyer *-  2018 UO 7v7 Flyer

Microsoft Excel file OGLA Ineligible as of 2-22-18 *-  List of players who are not cleared to begin practice on 2/26/18

*Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.